Certification pathway.... Microsoft or CCNA ?

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Hi guys

Currently working with HP enterprise services as Level 1 Enterprise helpdesk role exposed to basics of VMSphere, AD, MS Server and MS Exchange.

Im unsure what certification paths to go for, but im currentyl self studying ICND1 wanting to obtain CCNA. Been finding the CBT Nuggets videos really interesting so far.

The logical certification pathway is to get a MCITP first, correct ? But since im down the CCNA pathway now, it doesn't hurt to getCCNA does it ?

My department is currently involve in Wintel, MS Server and Exchange at the moment...

Friends have told me it doesnt hurt to get CCNA before moving into Microsoft ones. I am just worried if i am more interested to progress towards CCNP, my company doesnt really have a big role in here since its all server and windows based.

Any advise much appreciated


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    You're all over the map. You're working in server technologies but are mostly interested in networking? That's not a bad thing, because if you want to be a JOAT somewhere you can use all of those skills. If you work in a smaller environment someday, you may even need such a diverse skillset. However, I suspect your current position would benefit most from a related certification. If you're looking to get out of your current situation, then I think it makes sense. If you want to advance within your current department, then I think other certifications might be more relevant.
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    Im interested in both to be honest. It's more a question of specializing

    CCNA doesnt hurt because it can give me the foundation towards subnetting and DNS etc.

    Option 1) CCNA > MCITP
    Option 2) CCNA > If i do get interested down this path, will proceed to CCNP and then security
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    I can say I had the same dilemma when I got started in IT. I actually decided to go with CompTIA first, then Microsoft, even though I didn't really want to do MS certifications, and lastly I got my CCNA. In your current situation you need to weigh the pros and cons. Right now your working in a role that is all MS and if your company is will to pay for them then take full advantage. It might even get you a promotions somewhere else inside the company, which means a raise in most cases.
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