Network+ objectives don't cover all the basics

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I've been thinking about the network+ exam and I realized it doesn't cover anything on SFPs, QSFPs, XFPs, or any fiber transceiver. Knowing the differences between each transceiver and the different types like LR and SR seems like something that would and should be on the network+

What do you think?

What else is the network+ missing?
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    The NET+ and other exams are updated fairly regularly. What you may consider 'basic' is not necessarily common across all areas and when the exams are written, they try to capture architectures and components that MOST candidates will find in production. As newer techonologies take more of a foothold and the exams are updated, newer objective points make the next revision.

    You may find some of the components no the exam as they do slip in beta questions for many exams to test to see how the candidates handle the questions.

    I don't know what percentage they use, but say if they slip a newer topic in an exam and they find a pass rate of 80-90% of the applicants know the material, it may make the next revision.

    Net+ is a vendor neutral exam and is rather broad in the topics covered, so to answer your question, no, I don't feel it is 'missing' anything because they add and subtract material as it changes in the business world. You may find more of those type of questions in the Cisco material. If that is what you are working with and know, then perhaps skip the NET+ and focus on Cisco exams.
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