Next cert advice CCENT or SSCP?

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I am looking for some advice on whether to pursue the CCENT or SSCP cert? Both will be self study, and I want to get CCENT because I want to learn the basics of a Cisco network. I am realizing that my goal is not to become I networking expert or specialist, but I want the foundational knowledge. I believe my ultimate goal would be in a Security job that is middle of the road technical and managerial. I have the Network+ cert, but limited actual experience setting up a CCENT level network. I have the Security+, but not extensive Security experience. Does anyone have any recommendations on which would be the best route or most difficult for self study?

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    I would go with the CCENT and then finish up the CCNA. The SSCP is nearly as recognized as would be expected by hiring managers, and the like. Many folks are aware of the CISSP (and the folks that pursue it are aware of the SSCP) and that is the direction most people track. Of course, it all depends on your goals. If you are looking to beef up your security chops, you can begin down the Cisco Security track and do CCNA Security and CCNP Security after you finish the CCNA.
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    Like many others on this board, I don't believe in getting straight into security industry without first spending ~5 years in other IT fields. Figure out what your passion within InfoSec is (e.g. network security, infrastructure pen.testing, web app pen.testing, risk analysis), and then get some experience in a respective field (for the examples above it would be network engineer, sysadmin, web developer, business analyst).

    To answer your original questions:
    1) On the network side I'd say at the very least you need CCNA + CCNA Security level knowledge.
    2) I personally wouldn't bother with SSCP - it targets some mystical "entry-level infosec" market, which I don't really see much of.
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    +1 CCNA

    PF and CL make excellent points.
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    Many of the concepts in CCENT/CCNA are on CCSP. it's natural to have those done first. Plus its nice to see practical application.
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    3017 you had my thoughts exactly

    I decided to start studying for CCENT because I feel I should know at least the basics of networking equipment before diving to more advanced Security certs (I also only have my Security+ and limited IT security experience), and what better way to learn the basics of networking and the networking equipment than studying for at least the CCENT. I too one day hope to be in the Info Sec sector but I know it will not be easy to get there.
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    Thanks for all the advice from everybody, it certainly gives me a perspective I did not have.
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    Go CCENT first. Most people are saying to finish up CCNA afterward. I say go for CCNA only if you know you want to specialize in networking.

    Like ChooseLife said, SSCP isn't too practical to have. CISSP is where it's at. BTW, your Security+ certification will waive 1 year from the 5 year experience requirement.
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