I got a job offer , helppppppp

luberguilarteluberguilarte Posts: 112Member
Hi guys , I am a CCENT already , working on my icnd2 , I am studying hard to have it by the end of june.
I have an offer in a cable company to start as a cable technician , like doing voice and data installations but I think all this is going to be layer 1 operations , now, my question is thisicon_arrow.gif ,do you guys think it is a good way to start my networking career , should I tell them that I have my ccna when I finish with my icnd2, Or should I move on and look somewhere else?


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    I would personally keep looking for a networking. Becoming an installer wont really help you once you want to move out of that position. Keep throwing that resume out there, pass the second part....and I bet employers will start calling.
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    depends on your money situation. I'd take the job and look else where for a networking/support job. keep in mind that finding a straight networking job will be very hard if you have limited work history even if you have your ccna certifications do not guarantee a job, experience does.

    the end of june is over a month away so.. No, be honest and tell them you have your ccent and tell them you are pursuing your ccna
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    Personally, i don't see the harm in accepting the offer. I think that would great experience and I think it's still very possible to study for certs while working. I know because i do it :)
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    I agree with the previous posters, if it's something that you're willing to do, then take the offer now but keep looking and keep studying.
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    Just keep in mind...if you take the job and possibly find a networking job after only a month at the new job, the employer you're interviewing with might frown upon jumping ship so soon.
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    I'm not a networking guy, but in my opinion this kind of job will not give you the experience you need, you should probably start with a NOC position or something similar to that, but that's just me.
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    While having cabling installation experience and knowledge certainly doesn't hurt, IT shops usually bring outside contractors to do basic physical cabling (large patch installs, fibers runs, etc.) while the all the logical switching / routing configs are handled by the internal teams. Most people in IT that I've met didn't start out as cable technicians. You probably don't want to end up just being a cabling specialist.

    CCNA-type knowledge is more about stuff above layer 1. And as already mentioned, it wouldn't look good to quit a job after a month or two, especially early in your career, else potential employers will question your reliability and loyalty.
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    I don't see the harm in "jumping ship soon", the new employer should understand that networking (L2 and L3) is what you really want to do, or you should be able to convince them of that. I would take the cabling job, as you also don't know what environments you will cable...study for your certs, and if a new opportunity comes along, go for it...but that just if it was me!
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    It really depends on where you want to end up and how quickly you want to get there. At my current employer i came in as a video/data/voice installer/technician. I worked my way up within the company to where I am now which is senior network engineer for my region. Keep in mind that this is also on the service provider side of things. In the Cable/MSO world understanding the RF side of things comes in really handy. So like i said. It's a solid opportunity to get a foot in the door and usually with growth potential.
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    Working for a cable company has its perks, and I'm sure it might lead to what you really want.

  • MrBishopMrBishop Posts: 229Member
    The cable company industry is pretty much networking nowadays. If you're getting paid a decent wage and there is room for advancement within the company, then its a good opportunity.
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    One more thing to consider - would this be your first job? If so, I think accepting it would be an important first stepping stone. Getting the right junior position is harder when you have nothing at all to list under "work experience".
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