Passed ICND1! What now?

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I took the test 5/23 and I was able to pass with a 837! Just wanted to say thanks. Reading post on the site helped to keep me motivated.

I'm a little unclear of what I want to do now. I'm going to graduate college this fall with an Associates in CIS, but I have no IT work experience and the job market around me looks ugly. Everyone wants 5+ years experience, CCNP, BA, knowledge of AD, Exchange, and more.

With that being said I think I might join the Navy. I wanted to join the AF but I'm over the max age, which is 27 and I'm 30. Any thoughts on the military and IT?


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    If you were 18, I would say GO FOR IT!..I'm 24 now and I wish I choose the Navy or Air Force right after high school. Gaining military experience and a security clearance...I wish. I believe you should start applying for any type of I.T. job and work your way up. Having a degree and the CCNA will/should definitely help you with getting interviews.
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    The certs I plan to get are CCNA, Sec+, Linux+, and CCNA Security. I don't know how long it will take me to get them. One thing that is weighing on my mind is the fact that I have a 19 month old daughter. Once I graduate I'll lose my only source of income and I'll have to find a replacement quickly.
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    How will you lose your source of income?

    Those are great certs to work on, just keep pushing's so worth it. The feeling you get after passing an exam is crazy, one of the best feelings.
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    Sorry, I can be a very random person. I guess I should explain my situation a little more. About a couple of years ago when the automotive industry took a hit I was one of many who lost their job. My situation was a little better than most tho. I was able to get into a trade program that has been paying for my school and paying me unemployment until I finished... and now that I'm almost finished with school I'll lose my unemployment.
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    Military is a decent path to go, I will be hitting my 5th year being IT in the Army in a month. I have learned a lot and got my compasion for continuing my career in the IT industry. At 30, military is still a very viable option to consider. Another thing to look into is being a contractor which make a decent amount of money. When looking into this option certifications are the best way to go. Get your CCNA and you will be able to secure a NA position but depends on openings and such. Just another idea to look into.
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