Security+ advice and vouchers?? (Australia)

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Hi all,

I am currently studying for the Security+ exam.
So far I have gone through CBT Nuggets training series for the 2011 exam and are getting in the range of 65 - 75% on all the practise tests I have found on ProProfs/the official CompTIA practise questions etc.

I find my weak point to be port numbers/cryptography, and anything to do with malicious attacks/spoofing etc to be the strong point at this stage.

I have just purchased Darril's kindle book as I hear nothing but praise so hopefully this will be what I need to get me through and give me that bit of knowledge that I'm lacking.

Also I have looked at booking my exam and it appears to be around $350-360 AUD, I can't seem to find any vouchers that are applicable for Australia.. any assistance with this?

Thanks in advance.


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    G'Day Sec-wiz,

    I sat mine in Sydeny last year, cost me $481. Not cheap!

    I'll give you some of my notes on ports, etc to help you out. Darril's book is a must, I also used Exam Cram, the questions were IMO a very close simulation of the real exam. Definately know things like: DRP's, Backups, RAID, <typical of many CompTIA exams!!> Encryption, ports & protocols, access models, firewalls, VPN's, security policy, etc.

    A good tip I came up with for remembering Asymetric encryption is:

    AES and DES CAST IDEAS about RC and OTP.

    Below is a ports and protocol table I made up, you are welcome to use it and it specically list those required for the Sec+ exam.

    Protocols and Ports Table.pdf

    Hope this is helpful :)
    The Wings of Technology
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    My advice would be to do as many practice questions as possible. Do all of them from Darril's book. I had a lot disaster recovery and management protocol questions on my exam so be sure to be up to speed on those. Didn't get many Crypto one's to be honest.
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