DHCP server on 2003 server Vmware

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Dear All

i have installed 2003 server on vmware. And kept the Network Adaptor settings on bridged:Connected directly to the physical network. I have installed DHCP server on 2003 server. But Client on my host PC and on the LAN pcs are not obtaining IP addresses I want to know is there any special configuration i have to make on vmware to work DHCP properly.



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    You have installed it but have you configured it and authorised it?
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    KenC wrote: »
    You have installed it but have you configured it and authorised it?

    Uhhh..do you mean it's not magic? :D

    That is the first placed to look, but are the PCs in the same VLAN as the DHCP server? If not, then do you have a DHCP relay (IP Helper-Address) configured on the gateway of the PCs? Can you ping from the PCs to the DHCP server and vice versa?
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    Set the network settings to host only, that way your VM's will get IP addresses from the virtual DHCP server and your physical machines will get their IP's from your modem/router.
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