Officially a CISSP, now... about those CPEs.

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Just got an e-mail confirming the designation... and that I now get to wait 4-6 weeks for the membership card/certificate to arrive via snail mail.

If there's one thing I've noticed about ISC2 - they really love to make you wait 4-6 weeks for each event (i.e. exam grade, endorsement, package stuff) - just an observation...

Anyway, for a serious question...

I started a CEH review course a few weeks ago, but it runs through mid-June... The ISC2 CPE guidelines say that I can't claim CPEs for events that occur before my cert cycle date. So... can I claim the CEH course since there's a significant period of overlap?
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    Usually the best answer to these questions is to ask ISC2 to be sure. Reason says yes, but ultimately you'll want ISC2 to confirm instead of some people from the internets. ;) Best advice I have.
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    you can login to your account at ISC2 and check when your cycle start , then calculate the CEH hours after that date.
    you can add few more hours for self-studing CEH (I don't think the review course is just enough, I'm starting self-study soon anyway).

    CPE in general is not a problem , you can cover more then the required CPEs by doing e-Symposium quizzes. I've got my CISSP last march and I'm already on 31 CPEs, this is without including ISSMP/CISM/Cyber security Master studies I'm doing (or done the past 2 months).

    and grats on your achievement!
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    Thanks for the replies! And for those that are interested, I got an e-mail from an ISC2 rep who says that for purpose of counting the course for CPEs, I would use the course end date - not the start date. An interesting way to calculate CPEs... but whatever.

    The official text of the e-mail is as reads:
    When submitting CPEs for your certification, you may enter the end date for the listed activity date. If the current course you are taking ends in June, 2012, you may submit the final date of the course as your activity date for your CPE submission. This will allow the activity to fall within your three-year certification cycle.
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    Sweet, and good for you :)
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    I asked EC how many CPE's their on-line couse was rated for, and it was like the first time they had ever heard the term CPE. I'm still not sure how many CPEs to claim after completing the iLearn material. SANS was a whole lot easier, they just asked for my cissp ID when registering for the course, and then sent the CPE's on my behalf.
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