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I am in dire need of a proper studying method for the 70-210 exam. I have quite a bit of material but determining what to use and how to use it is confusing me, I have MS Press Book (2nd edition): Sybex book and Exam cram, I even have the Learnkey CDs...my problem is that I seem to have TOO MUCH material and I cant seem to effectively ORGANIZE them. Example, should I read the Sybex front to back, then the MS Press front to back and then do the questions in the Exam cram.. should I try reading the 2 book simultaneously then do the questions....should I just read ONE of these book then do questions!!??? I have 2 computers with win2k installed that I play around with. I know that different methods work for different people but I just wanted to get some guidance if possible from you experienced ones out there.


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    I used the Sybex guide for my 210, along with two computers to work on with, and some Technotes to study up before testing. I basically read through the Sybex, doing the excercises. I did notice some of the steps were incorrect, not producing what should have hapened, bt I stll understood what should have happened, as wellas the oppurtunity to troubleshoot and see what was wrong.

    If you have the MS Press, book, I would use that first, with the Sybex as a backup. The Exam Cram can be used a week or so before you go into test. The exam itself, isn't too difficult, just make sure you understand the objectives, and be familair with common tasks and procedeures with Win2K.
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