Recommendation for a small Android tablet

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I was wondering if anybody has any suggestions for an Android based tablet. I got rid of my Toshiba Thrive and got an iPad 2 for many reasons and I like my iPad for fun and studying and family use.

I want an Android tablet for messing around with, mostly to load custom roms on, and take advantage of the more open architecture of the Android OS.

I am leaning towards a 7inch model because I won't be using it as my primary tablet but mostly to experiment with and it is easier to use and carry around when mucking with it.

I might go towards 10 inch if the price is decent but performance won't suffer "too much".

I am leaning towards the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7inch because I like the "feel" and look of the device. I won't entertain the idea of the Amazon Fire because I would rather spend fifty bucks more and have more storage and micro SD slot.


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    Chipmunks branded Archos?

    The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is a great choice.

    If you want to go with a 10", the Transformer 2 and Galaxy Tab are good choices.
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    lol if thats real, I have to track it down. My grandson is a huge Chipmunk's fan and he has a birthday coming up.
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    It is legit. I do not know where to purchase it though. $129 + tax.
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    Galaxy Tab 2 is a great choice...or you can wait for the *supposed* quad-core Kindle Fire range priced Nexus tablet in July (which I certainly am).

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    tpatt100 wrote: »
    I won't entertain the idea of the Amazon Fire because I would rather spend fifty bucks more and have more storage and micro SD slot.

    Kindle fire is a good choice, but you do have to use cloud solutions to make up for the lack of storage space.
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    I went to Best Buy to try out the Galaxy Tab 2 7 and 10 inch and the 10 inch felt snapper. Will have to look it up when I get back to work. I have to be weary of some store demo models unless I reboot them and then mess with it
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    I have a couple of friends with the Asus Transformer and Transformer Prime, both looked really nice to me.

    Rumors around the web say the Transformer 2 might be available in both Android and Windows 8 flavors.

    I'm waiting to see what we got for Windows 8 tablets.
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    Looks like Toys R Us is going to be selling the Chipmunk ChipPad starting mid June.
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    My wife is getting me the Galaxy Tab 2 10 inch for my B-day in a couple of weeks. She called me and asked me about the 7 inch ones and I was saying I wanted the 7inch but kept going gaga over the 10 inch display. I checked out the Transformer but this sounds weird but that backing on the tablet makes me cringe. It is hard to explain but there are some textured surfaces that have a texture that when I run my hands across it, it feels like dragging nails across the chalk board for some people.
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    I understand, I have the same thing about cotton balls and balloons - cleaning my ears can be a challenge.
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