YARR (Yet Another Resume Review)

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Following on to my recent post regarding an unexpected call from a recruiter: http://www.techexams.net/forums/jobs-degrees/78100-experiences-pinnacle-pinnacle1-com-recruiting.html Id like to get everyone's thoughts on my resume. Please note, Ive made it generic so my name and most of the company names (Bestbuy being the only exception) as well as all locations have been changed to reflect the generic info that reflect the industry/sector of the company. All job titles have remained largely the same although my two most recent jobs are listed as: Network Security Administrator – Enterprise Customer Services Windows Systems Administrator – International Corporate Customer Services The portion after the "-" reflects the division I am in and has been changed to prevent educated guessing of the company. The actual division is not nearly as wordy. Thanks! -APR911
Currently Working On: Openstack
2020 Goals: AWS/Azure/GCP Certifications, F5 CSE Cloud, SCRUM, CISSP-ISSMP


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    pseniorpsenior Member Posts: 28 ■□□□□□□□□□
    My quick opinion on your resume:
    I have never seen a resume with this kind of 50/50 split two column format. I would get rid of it.
    Your header is wasting a lot of white space. I’d get it down to 2-3 lines.
    I would put the graphic logo for each technical certification in my header. This will attract the reader’s attention.
    I wouldn’t underline the job titles.
    I would have less bullet points for each job I worked (maybe 5 max). I would emphasize the ones with quantifiable results.
    I’d remove the coin op vending job.
    I’d get all my start/end job dates to line up without making it look like I had two or more jobs at the same time during any given time period. This is the most confusing part of your resume.
    Do you have any Honors & Awards you could list at the bottom of the resume?
    I would put the city and state next to each job listing and next to the college name as well.
    That’s all I got. You are lucky to be in San Antonio. Great basketball team and lots of IT jobs. If I were you, I’d apply at Rackspace in a heartbeat.
    I hope this has been of some help to you.
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    cyberguyprcyberguypr Mod Posts: 6,928 Mod
    I concur with psenior.
    - The two column thing seems odd
    - Experience sections is extremely unclear in my opinion. Needs to be refined to just a select few jobs to cover a certain period. Right now I can't establish a clear timeline just by glancing at the resume. Big no-no. If I have 100 resumes to go through there's a good chance I'll pass on those I can't figure out quickly.
    - Do not underline titles. Attention is OK without it as they are on a separate line
    - Maybe justify the dates to the right?

    - Have you considered a Professional Summary or something similar at the beginning of the resume? Good chance to present your strengths and tell a part of your story
    - Many of us will tell you logos are a big NO. Screams "look at me" but for the wrong reasons
    - I've never been a fan of the bullet fest. I usually recommend listing duties and responsibilities in a short paragraph and the following with a few bullets for key accomplishments
    - One of your jobs says you increased gross revenue by whatever percent. The other jobs need more of this, tangible accomplishments that resulted in added value. I always say that anyone can install, manage, configure etc. Not everyone can bring value. Show how your contributions resulted in improved up-time, cost reductions, process improvement, etc. That's what will make you stand out over Joe Tech.
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