Starting CCNA journey!

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CCENT Test - July 6 2012

Starting to study now :)
Passed LOT2 :) Working on FMV2(CHFI v8 ) Done!


  • Darthn3ssDarthn3ss Posts: 1,096Member
    Nice. Are you taking it through WGU? If so, the only learning resource i found useful for CCNA was their LabSim.
    Fantastic. The project manager is inspired.

    In Progress: 70-640, 70-685
  • ThunderPipeThunderPipe Posts: 120Member
    Good practice of setting the exam date. Now you have that specific time frame to work in and towards. Too often I get complacent with my studies because I haven't set the date.
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    @ Darthn3ss- I'm in the Network Admin path so it's on my dime; I've been gong back and forth with it, so I decided to knock it out. See if you can download packet tracer, might help some as well. I heard Labsim was good as well.

    @ Thunderpipe- Deadlines work well for me, I guess I need to feel the pressure to get me going; I can definitely sympathize with you on that.
    Passed LOT2 :) Working on FMV2(CHFI v8 ) Done!
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