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Hello, first post.

Passed route last thursday, with a score of 825, 50mins left on the clock(I get an extra 30mins for english not being my native language). I used the following material:
FLG. Over all great resource, I found this extremely easy to read.
OCG. Confusing at first due to no prio real world networking experience. However the concepts came very clear together after reading the FLG and watching the INE videos.
CCNP Lab Manual. I probably went through it 3-4 times, over all good labs, although I would not address them as very hard. for suppleumentary labs.

Overall I thought the test was fair. However I should've prepared more as I did awfully on IPv6. I studied for 7 weeks, estimate about 5-6 hours daily. Anyway I would not suggest this, but rather take your time and truly learn the concepts inside out. I am going to continue reading the Doyle books and get an deeper understanding of the concepts before starting serious studies for switch.
So yes, you can pass the CCNP Route exam with no real world experience(I'm graduating what's equivalent to highschool next week), without using braindumps.
Any questions, shoot!
Ps. I'm aware I will recieve critique for this, however it's worth mentioning I am continuing with uni after the summer. I am simply doing this out of pure enjoyment, not to get a job.


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    Great work! You're investing in your future big time with all that studying. Just keep doing ospf/eigrp/redistribution/bgp labs here and there while in switch so it stays fresh.
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    Great work! Good luck with your studies.
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats, keep on learning!
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    Very impressive! Congrats! Keep on going! You are going to be on a very advanced level compared to people your age just getting into the IT field.
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