Thanks all!

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Hello all,

I have been a lurker on this forum for a couple of months now reading all of your suggestions for the ICND1 & 2 exams. I've finally taken the first step and test toward becoming a CCNA passing the ICND1 with 962 thanks to the support of everyone here.

As far as the materials that I used for study; I read the Cisco Press by Wendell Odom and hit a few areas of the Sybex CCNA 7th addition by Todd Lammle. I bought 3 used cisco 2501 routers & a 2950 switch for less than $130 to play with at the house which really helped understanding the material. Finally I used the Boson sim ICND1 test engine for practices test which I would highly recommend as the questions and structure are very similar.

Now it's time to begin studying for ICND2 and I will continue reading up here at the forums and try to return my gratitude to others.

Thanks again,



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    Congratulations and good job with the score. When I was studying up for the CCNA the hardest part was just committing to actually go take the test. I remember putting it off and waiting and thinking I wasn't ready and waiting and finally I was like, "you know what, I'm gonna ace this thing." and I just went and took it. Good luck for ICND2!
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    Congratulations - very nice score!
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    Congrats!!! Always feels good when you pass a cert exam. :D
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    Congratz and thanks for posting study materials used!
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