Whats the quickest method of getting A+ certified?

sizeonsizeon Member Posts: 321
I already have experience in the field but my company requires me to get A+ certified. Which is better cbt nuggets or train signal?


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    I would say Professor Messer and the CompTIA A+ 220-701 and 220-702 Exam Cram (5th Edition) would be enough just to freshen up on things that techs wouldnt really deal with much anymore. It was more then enough for me to pass. Messers videos are short(mostly) and sweet and easy to understand and FREE. The book is like $20 on amazon or something but its nice and worth it I think.
  • sizeonsizeon Member Posts: 321
    Whats better CBT nuggets or Train signal?
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    If you have experience why not go take the tests and see how you do? you could probably just pass them cold. CBT Nuggets VS Train Signal has been answered tons of times on their forum in the end its up to you and what you like check our their demo videos on each subject at their retrospective websites.
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    I don't know what your experience level is, but if you think you know the material well enough, just go take the exam. If you want to review, glance through an A+ prep book just to make sure you have all of the topics covered. I did less than a week of casual review and then took both exams in one afternoon.
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    Train Signal over CBT Nuggets. I really like the pacing of TestOut, so check them out if you get a chance. While you may know the material, the A+ cost me near $400 to take, so it would still be wise to take a couple of practice exams. Try UCertify for exam training, and see how you do. If you don't do well, then I would recommend following up with Train Signal.
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    The A+ exam covers some pretty basic stuff. If you already have experience you could probably just jump right into the test. I spent a bunch of time prepping for the A+ exam only to take the test and realize that I could've spent all that prep time on a more advanced subject.
  • sizeonsizeon Member Posts: 321
    Is the current exam version 220-801 and 220-802?
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    From what I've heard and read, the 801 & 802 exams will be coming out later this year, but they are still using 701 & 702 exams. You can go to the comptia website and see what exams are required.
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    If you have experience, you really don't need to go all out on study materials. Buy a basic book, read it to freshen up, then go take the test and pass. It's not a difficult test at all and one that I could have passed with no study material, but because I wanted to be safe I bought a book, read it, realized that I knew 95% of everything in the book and took it when I was about 25% through the book. Passed both with ease.

    Now, if you had zero experience, get study materials. But I couldn't justify the cost of trainsignal or CBT nuggets for such a test.
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    Is the current exam version 220-701 which I passed last wekk or so and 220-702 this thursday

    Is the exam version 220-801 and 220-802 I think are in Sept
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    My only experience was fixing computers for family and friends before I took the exam. You should be fine. I did take a week to read through Mike Meyer's book skipping a few chapters which I already felt confident about. I think I could've passed even if I didn't read Mike Meyer's book, but for the cost of the exam I wanted to make sure that I would pass.
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    Take some practice tests and see how you fair!
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    For the A+, video wise, I'd suggest CBT nuggets with James Conrad. A good watch and he makes it fun with his amusing side stories. James Messer is good too although he's very dry and doesn't go as deep as CBT nuggets.
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    I would suggest the Prof. Messer vids if you are looking to be quick about it. But for more detail use the MM book.
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