Failed the 70-649 today

I took the 70-649 today and failed by about 130 points on my worst section. There were only 21-25 questions per section, and it went into a lot more detail than I had anticipated. I think I'm going to take the tests seperately instead. I did almost pass the 70-643 section which was a suprise, but I didn't clear 600 on the other two. I used the 70-649 MS Press Book, Sybex 640, 642, and 643 book, and Transcender.


  • jfmcaninchjfmcaninch Member Posts: 54 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Tough luck indeed! You know your weak points now. Why not brush up on technet on your weak areas and give it another shot in a week? I wouldn't waste more than two attempts on the test.
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    I agree with your assessment that you should break up the exams. You didn't pass any of the sections so thats a lot of studying to do to try a retest any time soon. Material that you studied for the 640 section might be stale in your brain by the time you finish studying for the 643 section. Remember that failing one section causes you to fail the whole exam. Also, make sure your resources have been updated for R2.

    I typically spend a month or less prepping for an exam, but I worked on this one for 3 months before I took it. That is the most time I have spent on an exam.
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    Wow I missed a key word that you didn't just fail one section. Yes, I would do each exam individually. The only difference taking them individually is $$$ which is not a factor when you fail 70-649 more than once. The time investment will be the same. I have reconsidered as of last night that I will do all the exams individually. I will probably get interrupted along the way with life and I don't want to forget 1600 pages and have to start over.
    Currently studying for 70-410 hoping to write June 2016 with end goal of MCSE:Server Infrastructure
  • willhi1979willhi1979 Member Posts: 191
    Yeah, it's a rough test and after trying it, I could see how it's definately easier to just take them again. I had told myself going in that I would try a retake if all my scores were over 600, but they weren't. I was thinking about it after I posted here that I probably missed less than 5 questions on any section and still got those scores. It's tough with a smaller number of questions so the individual tests will help there. My job will pay for the exams, but they won't pay for the study material so that helps as well. I ordered the 640 Transcender and am doing better on the questions I've tried. I'll probably reread the new material, AD LDS, AD RMS, AD CS, and AD FS then go take it after taking the full Transcender practice exams. I remember and deal with most of the other material with my job and remember it from the MCSE so I'm thinking it's a good decision. I'll probably try to review and take the tests two weeks or so apart since I've already studied for it.
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