Advice Please

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I am new to IT. I have no experience but I am interested in this field and decided that this is what I am going to do. My problem is that I switched my major twice already and I don't want to change it again because I am in my core classes. I decided to finish my degree in accounting and study for these certifications on the side. I am currently only taking one class at a time because I am in the military, have a wife and baby. My classes start one right after the other. What I want to do is put my next class on hold and just go full force with this A+ material and pass the exam to get my first cert. Right now I am only able to study in bits and pieces and it's killing me inside because I really just want to focus on this and get my first cert, its a weird exciting feeling I have about it. Should I put my next class on hold, knock out the A+, then continue til I am ready for the Net+?
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