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Hi, I'm thinking of training on my own and pass the MS Win2008 Enterprise exams (MCITP). I was looking at this training kit:

Has anyone used this kit and if so, does it come with the OS and software to install onto a server and train with it?


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    Hi - The MS Press Kit is the default book most people use for the MS Exam ( having said this i also try some other books like Sybex & Syngress Publications since some MS Books are full of typos and don't explain concepts clearly )

    For the OS you can download it a free trial version of Server 2008 R2 from the MS Website ( the trial is valild for 180 days ) after which you would have to rearm it . try setting up a Virtual Machine for practicing what you study/learn.

    Hope that helps
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    IMO, the MS Press books do a terrible job of preparing you for the exams. They are a good starting point, but they are just that. You will NOT pass an exam if you just read these books. You'll definitely need more resources, the CBT Nuggets, the Server 2008 R2 Unleashed book and TechNet to have a real shot at passing an exam. Here's how I prepared for ALL my MS exams.

    1. Read the exam blueprint.
    2. Watched the CBT Nuggets for the corresponding topic.
    3. Set up a lab as the CBT Nuggets suggested.
    4. Read TechNet over and over and labbed up over and over again till I understood how and why something worked (or didnt work).
    5. I didnt use any practice exams for the MCITP: EA series, but people recommend Transcender which are pricey but not bad at all.

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    Essendon, whereabout did you find setting up a lab from CBT Nuggets?
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    They are great for getting the basics of the topics but do not go into many of the advanced configurations and settings the tests will cover. Learn your command line tools and get as much lab time as you can. Be prepared to fail a few times, I did but do not regret it now.
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    I noticed that the MS Press books are quite easy and fairly basic to understand. I ussually understand better by watching demos rather than reading, but it's the other way around comparing to MS Press vs CBT Nuggets. I'm glad I'm using CBT nuggets to back me up. Also have Synergess.
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