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Good day all!

I'm looking to obtain my Network+ (004 edition) soon, as in maybe another 3 weeks. I took my A+ with Pearson Vue and I paid full price. Is there any way around the full price? Do you think Certify4Less is a safe investment? Any other methods to save a few ducketts?

Thanks for your input in advance!
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    Certify4less is a legit site, that's where I get most of my vouchers. If you watch their site daily, they will sometimes have small/medium discounts on vouchers.
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    I have also used Certify4less many times and saved money. Other people on this site have mentioned they purchased vouchers through eBay at a substantial discount. However, anyone can be selling on eBay and I know that people have been scammed when purchasing vouchers that way. When they tried to register for the exam with the voucher number, they were told the voucher number was not valid. Any other methods to save?... I know of some good practice test questions for the Network+ exam you can get for less than $10 but they are for the N10-005 exam instead of the N10-004 exam.

    Good luck on the exam.
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    Ok... Cool. I saw an early expiry voucher, but I was a little concerned. Good to hear that it is legit.
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    Not sure what your employment situation is, but the cheapest way to certify is to convince your employer the value of the cert, and have them pay for it. You can't get much cheaper than FREE.
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    If you enroll in a community college the discount for taking the exams is usually 50%.
    I'm taking Net+ and host a study group at my JC just to prep for the exam certification.
    We can take the exam on campus as our campus can host many of the certifications out there today.
    The net+ exam is available for $175.00 as of this date.

    The advantage here is that you take regular coursework relevant to the cert, you can have input from the other students and the instructor, and, as I have done, use campus facilities to run small study groups. It offers many advantages to trying to certify completely on your own. In addition, meeting others interested in the same field broadens your access to study aids: powerpoints, videos, texts, pdf's, etc.

    Joining a Junior College for one night class is not terribly expensive, though the hundred bucks or so in cost is made up for with the interaction with others, you will do better with study partners.

    If you're confident you can do it on your own of course it is cheaper to pay for the exam yourself at leat for Net+

    If your exam is closer to $500.00 this might work for you and provide more assurance of passing first time at bat.
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    Used Certify4Less... it worked out perfectly for me. I'll continue to use them... saved $30.00. Good call YTF/Darril.
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