Passed both A+ 6/13/05

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The hardware section was fairly easy, however, I found the OS section a bit difficult. Whatever the case, many thanks to the creators and contributors to this site!


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    Congrats on your pass :)
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    Congrats on becoming A+ certified!
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  • my_id_0308my_id_0308 Member Posts: 171 have done it..all the best for your next one!!if you are taking any :D
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    Thanks guys! And yes I'm planning on taking many others, I'm currently studying for my Network+. I'm also planning on taking the Server+, Linux+, MCSA, MCDBA, and EnCe over the next year and a half.

    My company has volunteered to pay for everything, so why not? :)
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    ah. great. good luck on your endeavour :)
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