Failed the 70-680…. Man this is a hard test.

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Resource used:
Lab Sim (I went through the whole course , except the tests at the end)
CBT Nuggets( I just watched the videos, but man did that guy move fast) He was kind of hard to follow, so I didn't do the labs he had on the videos.

I read up to chapter 5 in the don poulton book and the MCTS training kit, but only did some of the labs. I got stuck on the create a network share lab.

Here is my new training plan:
1. 30 minutes per day watching learn key video
2. Read 15 pages per day Microsoft training kit per day
3. Watch one video from MCTS: 70-680 per day
4. Read 15 pages Don poulton and make more flash cards.
5. Do win 7 virtual labs that are hosted on Tech and review flash Cards on Fridays and weekends.

I’m not sure why, but when I set up labs they don’t always work yes, I even tried professor messer.....I wonder if it’s me... anyways I need to press on and pass this exam. Anyone have any advice for anyone struggling with the lab part of the 70-680?

My score was 490
So is that out of 1000?
Also, would my score be 49% Since 1000/490=.49?

Another thing I noticed is that from the exam report everything says needs development and there are a bunch of bars. I can’t really tell what areas I’m weak on.
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    First off, do not get discouraged. It is very well known through TE that the 70-680 is a beast.
    Yes, that is out of 1000 which equals 49%.

    Concentrate on the labbing. Rewatch all of the professor messer videos. This time, follow along and lab through with him.

    The print out should be in bar graph format. The smaller the bar, the more you need to focus on the area.

    I failed my first time as well. Keep at it. It's easy to feel beaten by these tests, both mentally and financially, but you have to stay positive. At least now you know what to expect walking into it next time and you will be able to study accordingly.

    Good luck on attempt #2! I hear it's lucky icon_wink.gif
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    You're doing what I was doing. I've failed it twice now with scores similar to yours. Here is my new study plan.

    Poulton 70-680 Book
    Poulton Book testing engine
    Quizlet Flash Cards website (Flash cards, vocabulary memorization, and study games | Quizlet)
    MeasureUp 70-680 testing module - Everyone I know who has this cert swears by this.
    Professor Messer Videos
    - One Windows 7 Virtual Machine (Using Virtual Box)
    - One Server 2008 Virtual Machine (Using Virtual Box)

    Study Plan
    1. Read a entire Chapter of the Poulton Book, noting down ALL key Points.
    2. Perform all labs from the chapter using the Virtual Machines at least four times each.
    3. Convert Key points from chapter into flashcards on the Quizlet site, and spend 10 -20 minutes reading and testing yourself.
    4. Watch corresponding video on the Professor Messer website.
    5. Perform MeasureUp practice test using custom mode for the chapter or study group. Make sure to fully review and investagate all incorrect answers. Keep taking practice tests until you can pass with a 100% every time while trying not to memorize the answers.
    6. Do the same thing with the Poulton book test engine.
    7. Read the chapter again.
    8. Perform all of the labs again 4 more times.
    9. Review your Flash cards everyday before the test.

    So far, this has been working for me. I have the 80% of the book memorized and will not move on until I feel that I've learned something new from EVERY chapter. I feel way more confident now than I did before.
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    I used professer messer vids and as well. I read a couple chapters in the poulton book but that was it. Try the it free training vids and see if that helps. Also if you have a little money to spare try this: this guy is pretty good as well.
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    Agreed this was a hard test. You will pass it with practice. :) Third time is the charm for me at least
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    My score was 490
    So is that out of 1000?
    Also, would my score be 49% Since 1000/490=.49?

    No. The scores are normalized so they all have a passing score of 700. 700 does not mean 70%, as you can pass some exams while only only answering 50% of the questions correctly.
    The Truth About Scoring: 700 Does NOT Equal 70% - Born to Learn - Born To Learn - Born to Learn

    It sounds like you are weak on all areas. Quality of preparation beats quantity, so just spending more time doing what you have already done won't help. Start by reviewing the Skills Measured component of the exam. Any term or technology you don't recognize, hit Technet to read up on. Then look for other examples in books, and labs to practice. I don't know if there was a typo in the book or something, but if you can't configure a network share without following a lab guide step by step, then you are not ready for this exam. This is an enterprise client exam and MS expects the candidates to be able to manage Win7 in an enterprise environment. Some people have found it beneficial to take the server exams first, as they will cover techonlogies like WDS, WSUS, Branch Cache, Direct Access, and even file and folder security, that help on the Win7 exam.
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    Keep your head up man, this is not an easy exam. However, it's not impossible. Make sure you're doing a lot of labs.
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    Hi NS,

    Dont be disheartened buddy.

    I took a practise test to test my areas and marked the exam honestly - I wanted to know what my knowledge was regarding the subject.

    I got 3 out of 50 on my practise exam - i'm not ashamed to say they were blind guesses. It was a wake up call to study and actually take in what I'm taking.

    Every so often I test myself. Today was the first time I passed my practise test. 7 tests later. This was all due to playing about with the program, reading up dummy guides... breaking stuff, fixing stuff and of course the ubiquitous guide compiled by "claymore".

    Get studying, find a way that allows it to sink in for you, mine was reading/watching a video... then attempting the practical side.... doing more practical when I messed about with different setting etc.

    Do yourself a favour, download the following:

    windows automated installation kit
    microsoft deployment kit
    vmware or java virtual machine

    Trial copy of windows 2008 r2 server - which can be downloaded via ms and a registration with microsoft.

    Get a copy of windows 7 - doesn't even have to be activated, purely for deployment purposes.

    Check out professor messer video's regarding that exam.
    check out youtube for videos on how to deploy an image through MDT, then how to do it through WDS, SCCM is a paid for utility but I've been told (need citation on this) that looks wise its pretty much the same, just a few more bells and whistles as expected with a paid for product.

    What ever you do, don't drop your head and the only time we learn is when we fail!

    Good luck
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    The very long exams at the end of labsim was the only useful part of labsim. The short ones after each section did not cover anything on any of my exams. The videos didn't help as it was just watching someone talk and scribble on a white board. Sounds like Nuggets may be the same.
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