PRI/BRI interoperability?

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I'm not sure if this is where it belongs since it is an ISDN question but since it involves CUCM I figured I'd put it here. I do not know a bunch about ISDN, and in googling have not found much info on the topic of IP-ISDN bridges beside hosting companies.
In my lab I have a Tandberg Video Conf unit, that I hooked up to my CUCM. I can make IP calls, telephone calls and interCUCM calls with it.
The unit supports ISDN. Is there a ways to use a PRI instead of the BRI? So say I have 3 spids x 2 Channels =384Kb Video Call. Could I say use 6 DS0 channels on the PRI over the CUCM to accomplish the same thing? Is there such a thing? In theory it seems plausible. Have my video Calls go out through CUCM PRI.
Sorry if this post seems a little scattered Brained.
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