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Hello all,

Well I was sitting at work today thinking (dangerous in my job). And I finally convinced myself that absent a change I am considering, I will likely be doing desktop support, minor sysadmin and network configuration for the next 3 years, rather than someone noticing my interest in infosec and grabbing me out of where I am. So I talked to my boss, and a superior, and I recieved some advice to spend some time delving into the basics. Specifically they suggested server administration, as we work with AD and often have issues with group policy and other domain level issues.

So immediately I thought of the MCITP:SA track and started looking at training providers. Now I know some people are proponents for self-study, but I like the group study and learning atmosphere of a "boot camp". But when looking around, I noticed that not only are the courses expensive (expected, not-insurmountable), but they are boot camps, and are focused on exam prep. So I found that Global Knowledge has a class: "Configuring, Managing, and Maintaining Server 2008 R2" which is a suggested prereq for non experienced people to the SA track. "This course combines Windows Server 2008 training content from the Network Infrastructure Technology Specialist, Active Directory Technology Specialist, and IT Professional Server Administrator courses into five days."

It sounds like there could be better learning from a course like this. So what do you guys think? Is this a good idea? Anyone have input, advise, or even experiences with GK's non cert classes?


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    Does it cover everything for each exam? If so I'd stay away from it. That's an awful lot of material to go through in just 5 days. Even at 8 hours a day. Just one of those topics is a lot to take in over 5 days. If not, will it really give you enough knowledge to work with all three technologies?

    After my experience with the boot camp training and actually college classes at the community college level I've come to realize that the best option is probably a community college course for instructor led training. It will more than likely give you the time to absorb the material over an 8 or 16 week period. Though if there is a 8 week period I would probably go with that since it seems to me it's the best trade off of absorbing the material and the amount of time it takes to complete the course. A 16 week course seems kind of long to me for IT industry training for one subject.
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