Failed 70-640 today

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Just failed the 70-640 today, ended up getting 624... Was harder than I had expected and was mainly based on CA and rodc. It has been the most difficult one I have had up to date, used Microsoft Press Book, transcender videos and measureup. Will tackle it again in a couple of weeks!


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    Yeah, I bitterly regretted not labbing CA properly. There were just SO many questions on it. Granted, most of them were simple/conceptual, so I scraped by anyway. RODC wasn't a big thing for me though (or perhaps I just wasn't as thrown back by the questions). Luck of the draw, I guess, but I remember thinking the amount of questions on CA made the exam a bit biased and I didn't think my result reflected the effort I put in.
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    I'm sorry to hear that. I am following the same study guides you used. I haven't gotten to the CA section yet, but I plan on hitting it very heavy based on what I keep reading from peoples post here. Good luck on your next take.
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    CA killed me too & I did even worse than you.
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