Failed 70-682 - absolutely gutted

Had second go at this animal and got 535 as opposed to 494 last time.

In both exams I've scored high marks on the 680 section (80-85%) but got low scores in the 685 section.

I've studied hard on the 685 section using the ms press kit and transcenders but the exam is a different animal altogether. This is a very difficult exam.

Originally my plan was to do one exam to make it easier and save money, wrong icon_sad.gif

Looks like my best option is to to do the 70-680 with say 50 questions as opposed to the upgrade route with 25 questions, less scope for wrong answers with the upgrade route.

My advice is unless you are a complete genius, I would opt for the single exam route.

I've run out of money now, will have to have a go when funds permit in the not too distant future.

Anybody come unstuck in a similar way?
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