Blender and Youtube

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1. Curious what video-editing/graphic-design tools you guys use? I just started using Blender3D on Ubuntu, and was extremely impressed with it. For all of my editing, I use a combination of Openshot, Kdenlive, Pitivi and Blender. I did some animation work for a new introduction on my security web-series. Very happy with the result. I purchased a stock video of an information tunnel. I then created a green plane in blender and animated my titles over top of it. I then rendered it out and applied a chromakey (green-screen effect) and used the stock video as the background. You can see the results in the first 30 seconds of the video below.

2. Just posted my second video in the series. Crack the SSID of a Non-broadcast Wireless Network Using Backtrack - YouTube
Addresses the topic of using aireplay to deauthenticate authorized users from a wireless access point and sniffing traffic to detect the SSID of a non-broadcasting WAP by analyzing probe response packets in Backtrack 5. Please check it out and please subscribe if you like.


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