CompTIA Security+ Certification Is in Demand

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CompTIA Security+ Certification Is in Demand — 10,000 Certified in 112 Countries in Less than Two Years

Oakbrook Terrace, Ill, October 26, 2004 — In less than two years, more than 10,000 people in 112 countries have become CompTIA Security+™ certified. CompTIA reports that it is the fastest growing certification among the 11 offered by the organization, and that Security+ ranks alongside CompTIA A+® and CompTIA Network+® in the top three in terms of overall volume.

CompTIA believes the rapid adoption of CompTIA Security+ rests largely on the marketplace’s strong demand for a best practices certification at the foundation-level of security and the fact that Security+ successfully validates knowledge mastery of the key areas of security at that level. The other major factor in its success is that Security+ integrates with the leading vendor-neutral and vendor-specific security certifications. This is a benefit for organizations and individuals looking for a clear and cost-effective path for career development in security.

“Vendor-neutral certifications like CompTIA Security+ help to establish benchmarks of professionalism and performance that are essential for information system security across platforms, operating systems, and vendor-specific products,” said Graeme Johnston, senior director, global learning and certification at Symantec.

The CompTIA Security+ certification exam was first offered in December 2002 following an intensive year-long development effort overseen by governmental agencies and security organizations among others. Following its launch, CompTIA Security+ became a prerequisite, a requirement within, an elective, or an equivalent to on-the-job experience for certification tracks from Microsoft, Symantec, IBM, Information Systems Audit & Control Association, International Information Systems Forensics Association, and others.

CompTIA Security+ certification tests for the equivalent knowledge mastery of an individual with two years on-the-job networking experience including emphasis on security. The exam covers industry-wide topics including communication security, infrastructure security, cryptography, access control, authentication, external attack, and operational and organizational security. Numerous academic and commercial training organizations offer courses mapped to the competencies tested by the certification.

What others are saying about CompTIA Security+:

“Security+ has an excellent place right now within the certification landscape,” said Ben Smith, Senior Security Strategist, Microsoft. “It is intended, not for the security specialist, but for the everyday administrator who will be responsible for maintaining systems and information on computer systems. There isn’t any organization on earth, that’s going to have its network administration staff as a whole rise to the level of security expert. But having administrators well versed in the basics of security is very important. And Security+ provides a metric for that.”

“Benchmarking foundational skills through the CompTIA Security+ certification and then adding progressive layers of expertise seems to us to be absolutely the right thing to do, from both the customer and employee standpoints,” said Steve Jordan, vice president, System Engineer and Consulting, McAfee.

“I believe that anyone who is interested in a career in the IT security industry, from field services to sales, should take the time to research this certification.” said Ben Briggs, Professional Certification Program Manager, IBM.

“ISACA recognizes CompTIA's Security+ certification for its broad coverage of practitioner level security topics,” said Bill Boni, Chief Information Security Officer, Motorola, and member of the ISACA Board of Directors.

Please visit www.comptia.org for more information on CompTIA Security+ certification.

About CompTIA

CompTIA is a global trade association representing the business interests of the information technology industry. For more than 22 years CompTIA has provided research, networking and partnering opportunities to its 20,000 members in 102 countries. The association is involved in developing standards and best practices, and influencing the political, economic and educational arenas that impact IT worldwide. More information is at www.comptia.org.


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