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Used to study for the N+ here last year, and was about to take, but a family emergency came up. I've learned that the last day to take the exam is on the 30th of this month for the old objectives. I just have a question, is there any Specific last day that you have to schedule by?? I've been brushing up a little bit, and don't want to do a week of intense studying to be ready to take it by the 25th or so if I can't still actually schedule. Good thing is that I have a VUE testing center at my school, but haven't had time to stop of there and inquire about it. Thanks in advance.


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    You could take the schedule or take the test on the day of 30th of this month.
    I would suggest that you schedule the exam couple of days prior to the 30th if you are planning to take it on that day. Prometric or Vue may take from min. to a day to process the paper; plus you have to schedule at the testing site for a seat. Planning ahead of time leave you more time to concentrate on studying and more focus on the test.
    Contrary to the advice given, I scheduled my exam overnight and took the exam the next day afternoon. I couldn't give up the cheap discount voucher offered; plus I was ready for the test anyway. Good luck on your study.
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