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Has anyone paid the $160 to take this exam through It seems for this price you receive all of the training material AND you can take the actual certifying exam from your own home.
After checking out the website it says that they are accredited by Loyalist services, and when I go on the official ITIL site it does show Loyalist as an examination institute.
But still it seems hard to believe that I can become certified on an exam from my own home? Does anyone have any experience with this, just want to make sure this is legit before I drop the $$ on it.


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    I'm looking into it too. It looks like you get their study guides and when it comes time to take the exam, you have to have a mic and a webcam hooked up. There is a proctor watching you to make sure you don't ****.

    Please let me know if you already took the exam.
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    I don't have any experience with it. But the exam does have to be proctored so if you take it from home, you must have a webcam so they can watch.
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    I used the ThoughtRock materials for the Foundations exam. I thought it was well done and passed the exam on the first try. Yes, you do need a webcam but the cost of one is relatively cheap compared to the benefit of being to put the certification on a resume.
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    I used them to pass.
    As I have said in other threads, I found the "lecture" part of the training to be a bit bland, but informative.
    The meat and potatoes is the study guides and practice tests they give you, which is what I personally focused on. I didn't really need the lectures, as work at a company that uses a lot of the practices taught already.

    The online test was convenient with the ability to take it from home. Just make sure to have your desk cleared, your webcam works, and you have studied properly for the test. The associate I got was quite nice, but he is managing multiple screens for multiple clients, so it would be in your best interest that, during the test, you keep your eyes forward. You also aren't able to use the bathroom as well, FYI.

    Best of luck!
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    This is pretty neat. I might actually end up doing this. I wonder if you could do a trial run to make sure internet speed isn't an issue. I'm living in Kuwait at the moment and their ISP infrastructure is still pre-fiber, ie stone-age. On a good day I get 180kb down. The wireless companies offer pretty quick 4G/LTE speeds but I haven't invested in that since I work 12 hours a day and lock my phone in a box at the door when I enter the office (SIPR).
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