Questions on CompTIA's website?

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I took the sample test on CompTIA's website and they are much harder than the questions from Lammle's book or Harwood... what gives?
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    The sample questions on CompTIA's site are actually pretty comparable to the test. Most study guides usually have easier questions because their goal is to encourage you to learn, not intimidate you with questions
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    Sometime in the past six months or so (maybe longer), CompTIA has outsourced these practice test questions to MeasureUp. If you look at the URL while you're taking the practice test you can see that it is being served by MeasureUp but that's the only indication I've seen.

    MeasureUp has a guarantee when you purchase a specific product from them and pass their exams with a specific score in a specific testing mode. If you meet all those conditions but then don't pass the live exam, you can claim a refund for part or all of the price you paid to MeasureUp for the practice test.

    They want to help people learn but they also don't want to give out refunds. This is one of the reasons that the MeasureUp questions are much harder.
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    Makes sense... I didn't score terrible but the questions were remote compared to the questions in the books. I'm guessing that if I pass the sample questions, I'm good to go for the live exam.

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