Tired of seeing "Rogue anti-viruses"

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I'm in the process of cleaning my umpteenth PC of what malwarebytes calls a rogue antivirus. It's a program that people click on for a free scan of their PC and it latches on and wont let the user do ANYTHING but pay for and activate that antivirus. Can't anyone legally do something about the dirtbags that put these things on the web?
I shouldn't complain as I have made a lot of money cleaning peoples PCs of a "virus" and all I have to do is run malwarebytes on their hard-drive. It's easiest to just do it using a live cd but I have had situations where I didn't have one handy and had to resort to other methods.
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    You would spend more time trying to chase your tail tracking them down then it's worth, if you even could. Most, if not all, of them are on foreign soil..very little that can be done. Take one down, 5 more pop up.
    I saw a rash of them a few month back at work,but it's died off a little.

    Just be glad you have made money off of it icon_cool.gif
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    A few big names did successfully take action against some of the prolific forms of RAV a few years ago. havent heard about anything like it in recent times.
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    Cost of doing business, but at least you're making some cash. I agree though, it is really a pain in the butt.
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    I always found them fascinating. From the point of tricking you into downloading them, to how legitimate they look, how they delete your current antivirus and how much they resist removal. TG4MBAM
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    Put an untangle or other utm box on every network and that should cut down a good percentage of the problem, though at a cost. Running crap AV programs like AVAST and AVG do little to help, Kaspersky is great though a pest if you have it locked down, NOD32 works very well.
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    I'll never get tired of seeing that kind of thing. Issues like that are keep many of us employed, if end users wised up I'd be in a different field.
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