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I am about to take the JNCIP-ENT bootcamp (AJER and AJEX) starting next monday. Shortly thereafter I hope to take the exam, are there any additional resources to the bootcamp materials that are needed? In September I take the JNCIE-ENT boot camp at a Juniper bldg near where I live. In the meantime id like to get more hands on with Juniper in the terms of rack rentals and maybe workbooks (INE/IPExpert style). Would anyone have suggestions on materials to look at?

Thanks in advance!


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    Blogs/Forums are always good, this one along with the Training, Certification, and Career Topics - J-Net Community are excellent places to keep an eye on.

    3Fives, ShortestPathFirst, rickmur.wordpress.com are just a few great sites to also read through

    Other than that JNCIE studyguides workbooks exam rack rental looks like good material, I don't think anybody else has release a workbook for the ENT yet, so I'd definitely check those guys out. As soon as Proteus releases theirs along with the remote proctored lab for the ENT that'll also be worth looking into.

    The other thing that I'd highly recommend, especially for the IE, read through the JNCIE Study Guide by Harry Reynolds. It's an excellent resource and 100% free. Just skip through any sections that aren't relevant for the ENT like MPLS, the rest of the contents is very useful for the ENT track.

    I personally just took the JNCIE-ENT and probably found the Juniper course ware along with Harry Reynold's book the most helpful (along with a lab of SRX100's/SRX240's), but that's just my 2 cents, I'm sure others will be able to provide some more resources. Bottom line, the more sources you have the better prepared you'll be.
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    Thanks a ton Ill start checking into that info ASAP!

    Yeah so far what ive found is the lack of a really structured set of books/study guides to help me find what I need when im looking something up. Instead I come across something very vague in the official juniper training material then I have to start in the JUNOS cookbook and then turn to the JUNOS Enterprise Routing book to ensure ive gotten all the pieces to the answer im looking for.
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    Couldn't agree more, the good news is it's getting better. I started studying for the JNCIE-ENT back in November/December and there was nothing until a month or two ago. So hopefully by the time you move onto the IE in September the resources should be even better, and, if all else fails post your questions here!
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