Thoughts on Navy Certifier Course

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I'm scheduled to take the Navy Certifier Course being offered by NPS ( Naval Postgraduate School). Has anyone taken this course it's a one week course being given next month in the DC/Nova Area. Is it worth taking will this type of course help my Resume/Career any ?

I'm currently working as an IA Analyst so it will definitely help the program i support as we need a validator for our DIACAP C&A packages so i can fill that role. However it will be using some of my tuition reimbursement money which leaves less for WGU this year.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


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    I've personally never heard of it...

    Though I know in general, NPS is similiar to AFIT in the Air Force. Both do great things for your career if you are intending to continue working for the DOD. Otherwise, may not be taken so seriously on the outside. A bachelors will be respected everywhere. So I guess you have to weigh your options. If you are getting out soon, I'd say don't waste your time and stick to your degree plan. If you are planning on sticking around for a while, then you have plenty of time to use tuition assistance and I think you should go for it.
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    I'm actually a contractor and support the Navy but my goal is to become government within the next couple years. I'll be done with WGU in about a year i have 56cu's left to complete.
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    Trying to get a GS position?
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