Nice discussion aid : iSCSI vs. FC

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Seems to be a little bit like the iPhone vs. Samsung discussion or Marmite, but on my hunt for some cold facts I came across this one :
My own knowledge base made public: :p


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    We are about to upgrade from 4GB to 8GB FC where I work. I asked our SAN engineer what he thought about using 10GB iSCSI for some applications. He was receptive to that idea for some applications, but because of some technical differences in the way packets are handled, 8GB FC outperforms 10GB iSCSI.

    This article is a little old. Both QLOGIC and Brocade offer "converged" switches and HBAs as well as FCoE/FC/iSCSI bridging for inter-operation. Right now the small HP SANs (P4000s I think) come with 4 FC HBAs, mix that with an affordable SAN switch and you can have a pretty quick set up without breaking the bank.
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    I find that most material be they books or articles are outdated when it comes to SANs.

    Thanks for the article, jibbajabba. If you've got more resources like this, I'd love to see them.
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