Really weird Remote Desktop Disconnection Issue on XPsp3

paulgswansonpaulgswanson Member Posts: 311
Basically this is what happens. Occasionally when our helpdesk folks get off the phone with our desktop users and they termintated the remote session a odd bug occurs.

From then on the user that was being assisted can no longer Copy and Paste. As soon as they Press C
Unicenter autolaunches. Looking on the application the only keys that are Bound to it is CTRL+ALT+C not just C. I even removed that binding and it wsa still eheppening even after a reboot.

But here's the next part.
To fix it Aparently(seemingly anyway) you need to press CTRL+A+S+Z+X
And I tried really did work.

I tried the google it but wasnt able to find anything useful. Does anyone have any idea what could cause this?
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