Tasted defeat for the first time

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I took on the 70-640 today and failed with a 681. I really couldn't believe that I failed(and so close!!!!) after studying for nearly three months and pulling an all-nighter last night. Really wanted to past this and try to steam through the 70-646 before my semester at WGU ends in a couple of months. I really thought I had the material....allout.gif, but back to studying I guessicon_thumright.gif

Does anyone know how easy WGU's new retake policy is? My mentor had me email the course mentor to get permission saying that it's a new policy they just started this month???


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    KeithCKeithC Member Posts: 147
    Straight from the email I got on May 14th

    "Engagement and Approval Requirements for Additional Objective Assessment Attempts
    • Attempts on all objective assessments including outside vendor assessments will be limited to four attempts.
    • Students who fail an attempt on an assessment must wait at least 14 days before retaking the same assessment.
    • Prior to retaking the assessment, students must consult with their student mentor and course mentor to develop an intervening learning resource experience. An intervening learning experience may be focused study, a recurring appointment with a course mentor, engagement in the course of study, engagement in weekly webinars, or other appropriate educational activities.
    • Second attempts and beyond will require the approval of the appropriate Course Mentor for the assessment. Attempts three and beyond will require Course Mentor and additional supervisory approvals, granted only after student engagement standards have been met.
    • After a failed fourth attempt, an appeal for an additional attempt may be requested to the Associate Provost for Academic Services."

    Did you use the Labsim or the new learning resource? aka what was your learning path for the 70-640
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    bc901bc901 Member Posts: 46 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Thanks for that information. I must of deleted that email...

    I used MCTS Windows Server 2008 Study Guide by William Panek, Technotes, and testout videos to prepare.[h=3][/h]
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