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How does CBT nuggets and Train signal compare to professor messer videos and the it free videos?


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    The Prof. Messer videos are great! Being that these are available for free, I would not pay for any instructional videos. I have heard this topic debated before and the "Messer" video's always come out on top. What book do you plan on using?
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    I cannot stand the Professor Messer videos. I thought they were horrible, dry, and boring. I used the CBT nuggets and it was a very good source for me. I have no input on the trainsignal ones as I did not use them. I know that Professor Messer has a leg up because his are free, but there is good reason why his are free. They just aren't an easy watch, unless you enjoy naps.... Alot.

    But, that is my personal opinion. Watch a few of them and see how alert you are and how well you picked up the technology that he instructed. If you feel confident with it, that's good. I personally feel that there is a good reason why CBT nuggets aren't free, and it's the quality that you get from them.
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