Cheap and Cheerful switch needed supporting ..

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VLAN tagging / trunk ports and at least 16 ports (layer 2 is fine).

Nothing too fancy (so no Cisco 3750G suggestions here lol) .. To give you an idea - at the moment I am using for this setup 2xDS108 from Netgear so you get the idea what I mean with cheap and cheerful :)

I know I won't get them for 20 bucks, but I also don't want to pay 100s .. is that even possible ?

Oh and to make matters worse, needs to be as small as possible so I doubt even an old cisco switch would do tbh.
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    Cisco 2950 is CHEAP.

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    Not small though ... basically this is for a vSphere cluster in a box .. its a custom build with 4 motherboards etc. and has those two DS108s "built-in" so I cannot put a proper sized switch in.

    I see HP ProCurve V1700-8 should be similar in size and is managed but only go a single GbE port (although Layer 2 switching seems to be at wire speed).

    Edit: Mmmm... the more I look, the more I find (funny that), ZyXEL ES-2108-G seems to support 802.1q as well ....

    Any more hints ?
    My own knowledge base made public: :p
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