E.p.i.c. Systems and MUMPS

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I have a contact who can refer me to E.p.i.c., it's health care software company, and i have a real chance working there, but the thing is they use MUMPS, which is a prehistoric database programing language, what i need to know is, do you know anyone working there, because I've been looking up the company, and I've seen some bad reviews, but it's dated 6 or 7 years ago, so i need some advice from someone who really knows this company, and doesn't have bias opinions. Appreciate it.


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    Use linkedin to find someone that works there and send them a message asking about the company. Worth a shot at least.
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    I was considering working there at some point and ran into someone who knew of the place through another co-worker.
    They really did enjoy working there, cost of living in Wisconsin isn't too bad and the wages are fair.

    On the topic of MUMPS, i wouldn't discredit it entirely.
    It does work for some of the unique challenges in distributed health care systems.
    The Department of Veteran's Affairs has their own record keeping system which utilizes MUMPS, called V.I.S.T.A. (not the microsoft one)
    This system has been running since the 70's and is a strong contender in the Electronic Health Record wars, as it has proven itself over decades, not to mention that the single largest Electronic Health Record system in current use is the one used by the Department of Veteran's Affairs.

    If there are plans for migration, that would probably take no less than another decade to phase out.
    Surely enough time to learn a secondary or tertiary database language if needed.

    While it is possible to build out smaller systems (private practice or single facility) using more popular languages, such as SQL or FileMaker many of the scalability issues across several facilities as well as portability of records have already been addressed by VistA developers.

    Working with E.P.I.C. and learning M.U.M.P.S. is a good start in the world of Health Care IT.
    I'd say approach it with an open mind, you may not see M.U.M.P.S. in use at Meryl Lynch or Price Waterhouse , however for a legacy language it has found a niche in Health Care that is un-paralleled in other industries.
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    Thanx MeanDrunkR2D2 I've already did that but no unbiased opinion, but thanks anyway
    ccnxjr , Really appreciate the advice and i think I'm going through with the process of exams ... thanks buddy,wish me luck :)
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