rebuild/add to my rack or rent rack time at ine

I may of mention of this in another thread that strayed from the OP but i figure i'd make its own thread. Well i am debating whether or not to add to my current lab or just to rent rack time to lab for the ccnpv. They use 2811s i just realized they're running 12.4(22) ios. Now knowing they are running that ios makes me think maybe my current lab may still be of use and perhaps i can just build on that.

current lab is:

2 x 1760v's 12.4 advip pvdm 4fxs wict1 modvpn cme 7.0
2 x 3550 poe emi
2 x 2950
4 x 7940s
cisco softphone
dell 1425 server ubuntu running gns3 8gb quad core 80gb sata (will upgrade to 1tb if i get the media)
1 x asa 5505

i can buy media but only if i choose to do ccnp v at home
Cisco Unified Communications Manager 8.6 (Node1 & Node2)
Cisco Unity 8.6
Cisco Unified Presence 8.6
Cisco CUCM Business Edition 8.6
Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 8.5
VMWare Image CUCM, Unity, CUP, UCCX 8 Snapshots and ISO

I was thinking of getting one 2801 to run 15.0 ios

Do you voice guys think i can do the ccnpv with my current setup and just add a 2801 pvdm16 and vwics or add one more 1760v?
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