IDBHAL Process???

MonkerzMonkerz Member Posts: 842
Has anyone heard of the IDBHAL process on a 6509-E? I know it has to do with interface stats, but that is the extent of my knowledge.

We recently upgraded one of our remote location's 6509 from a Sup720 to Sup2T.

A co-worker has noticed this process spiking CPU1 to 61 - 75% constantly for the last 21 days. 21 days ago I turned up three 2G LACP layer 3 links to three separate Nortel 8010's. We noticed a performance issue with one of the links within the third port channel a few days ago as it was dropping packets when the link had a load on it. We removed the "bad" link from the port channel and have had no issues with packet loss.

A case has been opened with TAC, they think the process hung when creating the port channels. They said we could attempt to fail over to the second Sup, but they wanted to get to the root cause. Looking forward to troubleshooting with TAC, just thought I would see if anyone has seen this.
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