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Hi guys,
As i dont get to configure many switches, routers etc in real life i was thinking about setting up my own little lab at home but to act as fully working lan network with internet connection.

Id say it will be costly but i would ideally like to stick with cisco products. I dont wnat to be spending hundreds though.

As it stands, I only have one computer and one server at the minute and will probably be getting a laptop later this year so in terms of maximum amount of physical machines, I cant see it changing much more than 3.
I would like to get a switch just for the sake of configuring it but only if i can spare the cash. A four port router is going to do the job anyway.
I will however at some stage be looking to centralise all my home theatre equipment into the one rack so the switch will come in handy there as my receiver, dvd player and sky hd box are all LAN enabled.

In regards to the router. It has to be wireless ready. Alot of people come and go from my home with andriods and iphones I will probably need it to be wireless N compatible. I would also like to create a guest network for this but im unsure on how to do all of that at the min. Im currently with BT for my internet access runninig the 70mb infinity option.
As i only have the one server, do i really need a gigabit port?? I dont think i'll ever be transfer much as its been purchased to assist with my server studies and at some stage will be used in an active directory role. I see the Cisco 871's can be picked up for around £150. Would this be suitbale, didnt see no mention of wireless n compatability though?

Any ideas on products, prices etc will be much appreciated and anything else i could do with.

Also feel free to tell me im crazy. Would be a nice little project for me to do and a good learning curve along the way.
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