Exam Cram A+ Practice Exam #1

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Just took the 1st practice exam in the Exam Cram A+ book. Felt very confident and scored 87% right.

I guess I'm in pretty good shape? I'll review the questions I got wrong, and beef up on some subjects I feel I need more knowledge in. Bur otherwise, I think this boosted my confidence.
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  • j.petrovj.petrov Member Posts: 282
    I just passed both A+ exams last week. All I can say is you are definitely on the right track, do a bunch of practice tests and brush up on anything that you miss. Read questions on test carefully, there are some that seem like they may have 2 answers, in which case they usually ask for the "Best" solution/option, I felt like this meant easiest solution most of the time...

    I have the same goals as you. Just finished A+, currently working on net+, and will definitely want to get one more cert before the year is up, either CCNA or MCSA 2008. Not sure which route I want to go yet.

    You're definitely on the right track though. Keep going over tests until you are 100%
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    j.petrov wrote: »
    Keep going over tests until you are 100%
    I agree completely... try to mix up your question resources though, no sense in feeling accomplished if you score 100 percent on a test you've taken 5 times... when I was studying for my A+, I went to library to grabbed a book of just test questions. It helped to broaden my knowledge and helped my test taking skills by making me decipher different types of test questions. One question could easily be presented in a multitude of ways.
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    That's a good score. I'm not familiar with the book you used but certainly anything above 85% should be on the money. I'd suggest doing other practice tests. Perhaps the 30 question one on the CompTIA website and even Mike Meyer's ones if you they are within your remit.
    I can also give anyone a bit of A+ tip in that when you do the exams make sure you know the troubleshooting steps very well.
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  • 4_lom4_lom Member Posts: 485
    You should be good to go for the exam. I also used the Exam Cram questions and they were fairly close in difficulty to what you will see on the exam.
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