70-682 / 70-680 option advice needed please

I have sat the 70-682 upgrade exam twice over the last 8 weeks and achieved scores of 494 and 535 respectively

In both exams, I have found the first part 70-680 to be fairly straightforward and achieved around 80-85% on the printout.
However, I have found the second section 70-685 to be much harder, hence the low overall scores.
The second section seems to be of a much higher standard of difficulty.
I have also found the format of the 70-685 with VERY long scenario questions to be rather off-putting also.

I have used the 70-685 and the 70-680 transcender tests and the MS 70-685 training kit over the last 8 weeks but only achieved a slight improvement on the actual exam. I am getting fairly high scores on the transcender tests. (90+)

Even though I have wasted / invested two exam fees I am now tempted to try the 70-680 as a separate exam.

My question is: do you think I would have more chance on passing the 680 exam as a single exam and what do you think of a score of 535 – am I about 4 or 5 questions off?

Is it worth sticking with the 682 and brushing up on the areas I found to be troublesome or opt for the 70-680 option.

It’s not the failing that concerns me it’s more of the money wasted, as things are not too good on the financial front at present, as we are all finding it difficult.

Any advice welcomed....



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