Failed for the 3rd time... with the exact same score

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So, I just got back from taking the 291 for the third time. I once again failed... with the same score. 634, 634, 634. How likely is this to score the exact same thing 3 times in a row? I know eveyone will say study more, but does anyone think I should contact Vue or MS about this?

Oh, and I just need this one to get the elusive MCSA 2003.


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    Damn thats a crazy stat man. 634? x 3? damn

    I hope you get it next time buddy. What have you been studying? What books, study material, and test sims?

    How did you do on 290? and what was your score. I will be taking that one in about a month.

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    Sorry to hear of you unusual misfortune.

    Have you been weak in the same areas each time? If you have been, you might question VUE folks at the testing center and see if there have been others with this same situation. If it is a problem with testing software, then you wouldn't be the only one. But, probably they will tell you to really bear down and study the weak areas.

    Hope you get this this thing passed! Best of luck to you.
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    So I talked w/ MS and Pearson Vue today. The guy at VUE said this has happened before, and to call and have them rescore my tests. Who knows, possilby a tech issue... i hope icon_confused.gif So they are going to look at them again and get back with me in a couple days.

    I passed the 290 by the skin of my teeth with a 700. Passing is passing. So far I have taken the 270, 271, 272, 290 ,and 291. All but the 291 I have passed on the firs go around. I am taking some courses at SMU for the MCSE track. I have just been using the class, the course texts, some MS Press books, and an online CBT called Mindleaders at work. So far this combo of studying has done me well (plus work experience), but maybe I need to add some thing else to my studies. icon_cry.gif
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    FINALLY!!!! So I took the 291 again on Sunday. Got a 737. :D

    Now, time for the 293....
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    Congratulations.............. Did oyu ever hear back from MS about the rescore?
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    They said it was coincidence. I did however take the exam at Prometric the 4th time, not at a Vue testing center. Who knows icon_rolleyes.gif I just find it hard to believe that I could get the exact same score 3 times. Oh well, can't argue with the man.
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    How many simulations did you get?
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    Congrats, daaavvve!
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    Good job! Way to go.
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    CONGRATULATIONS.........I bet your relieved!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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