Labs for 70-642/Study guides

DB77DB77 Member Posts: 19 ■□□□□□□□□□
Does anyone have any free labs for the 70-642 they can share or any advice on where to obtain some?

Also has anyone used the Selftest practice test for the 70-642 and found it to be helpful?

I've been trying to study but it's been difficult with two babies under the age of one to take care of. I finally scheduled my test for July 21 to force myself to get it done I've started using MS press book this week to study. Also using technet and doing labs from MS Press book in virtual environment.

I am looking for one more source other than technet and mspress book that will help me pass on the first shot and was hoping selftest could be it.

Any and all advice is appreciated.

Thanks guys.


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