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Okay, i just got back from my free retake of the 70-291 exam... I FAILED AGAIN!!! And get this... I actually did WORSE this time than I did the first time! Instead of having low scored in DNS and Security, my scores are all over the place... the first time I got like a 500... now I'm at a 450!

I felt confident in this retake too... nothing too out of the ordinary... I knew i got like 4 questions wrong (the simulations I automatically assume I got wrong cause I just know if I miss one little check box or ANYTHING, the whole thing is wrong) and the multiple choice stuff I figured I had like 8 or 9 that were questionable, but I had made educated (hah!) guesses...

I know you guys are pretty supportive and would encourage me to pick myself up and try again, but to be perfectly honest with you guys, I am absolutely sick of looking at this material - especially after having spent 3 and a half months just to get to where I am now... Thats too long for me. I think i'm just going to take the next couple exams (I still need to to 70-290 anyway) and then just come back to this exam last as if it was a whole new exam... fresh start, maybe a new book.

I just cant get over how unbelievable this is! I went in today thinking I had this exam beat and I could move on with my life, but geez. icon_sad.gif

Anyway, me and the captain are gonna go sailing now... and when I sober up tomorrow, it's on to 70-290, 70-293, and 70-294! and then I can ask my company if they'll be willing to spot me a new book... how's that MSPress boook by the way? I used Exam Cram2 and Sybex (bought from testprince.com... it was a PDF... you can friggin have it for all i care cause it didnt do me a bit of good!)



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    Sorry to hear of your misfortune

    This exam's little son is called The Beast in the mcse 2000 course load, therefore, its now dubbed the Father of the Beast...DNS, DNS, DNS, and more DNS...dhcp, wins, rras, certificates...continue studying until you dream of DNS...
    What next?
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    I would definitely recommend the MSPress books for 70-291. I failed the first time, and went out and got the book and read it in a few days and went back and banged out the test. I believe it filled in alot of grey areas that I had from the other sources of books and cbts I had used to study for the first time around that I failed. I make sure to get an MS Press book now and read it with every MS test I take. They leave somethings out, but pretty much every study source does. That why I think it is good to study from at least three sources or maybe two sources along with some practice tests.

    Best of luck next time.
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    Sorry to hear that you failed buddy.

    Can I ask you something why did you go for 291 before you did 290?

    Is it better or something that you chose to do?


    Goodluck next time!
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    eeh... i just wanted to get it out of the way i guess... i didnt think it would make THAT much of a difference really... I guess i was wrong. :/
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    Do them in order, learn and practice one step at a time....
    What next?
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    Some words of advice from my good self.

    I decided to take 291 first (before 290) and after 270. I did it because at the time I was gunning for a Network support job, and figured it would help me out.

    I actually failed with 481, that was March. Within a month i'd passed 290, and since then had a few things that brought me off course, but it was time to face 291. I started studying more or less all the time 6 weeks ago, I did the exam this morning and passed with 775.

    So perhaps, the best thing to do would be to get some more materials, get on 290, and take a break.

    BTW, I found the Sybex book for 291 to be poor. There's not enough content in there by far!

    MS Press Book I recommend, I have the MCSE Core Requirements Kit (290,291,293,294), and i've also got some other ones (I have slowly been building a library of them lol)
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