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Which Layer of the OSI?

I have heard both data and physical, so which is it?



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    Like many things in the computer world the NIC can be viewed as working on different levels - I guess it really depends on the context that it is taken in. However, Comptia has its own idea on certain things and for this particular exam that is what you must take into account.

    Check here .... http://www.techexams.net/technotes/networkplus/osimodel.shtml
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    this is one of the most argued about questions among candidates about the network+ exam. i remember raising the point in another forum and got a few replies saying, "oh no, not this question again." ;)

    but the good thing about comptia exams, or, atleast, the ones i have taken so far (and i have no plans to take any more for a long time), is that they tell you how many answers they want.

    i actually did get this question in my exam, and to answer your question in a most undirect way - you are told to sate two layers.
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