What's the preferred route to go?

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I'm hoping to take the ICND2 within the next couple of months. I kind of put things on hold since I'm getting married in a month, just light studying right now.

I was wondering which route most people take when going for the CCNP? My interests seem to peak more with the switch side of things, but wasn't sure if it would benefit for me to take ROUTE first?

Just hoping that someone would enlighten me on their experiences.

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    Most people go Route first. I can think of at least 2 reasons why logically Route before Switch is better.

    1) There's material the Switch exam guides mysteriously don't cover that's on the exam. If you did Route first though, at least one of the bigger items you covered there (SLA)

    2) Route takes longer to prepare for (at least that's what I found), which means there's less of a gap between exam 1 and exam 3 if you did Route as exam 1.
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