New ExamCram pushed back to September 14

BaredorBaredor Member Posts: 99

Does anyone know of any other books that are coming out with new editions to address the 2005 revision? I emailed Sybex to ask about an updated book but no reply yet. Being able to have some hands on work with some real server hardware has really got me fired up to continue my hardware studies, but I need some resources. icon_confused.gif

Edit: been doing some looking around, and found that CBTNuggets have revised content for the exam, but it's $200 for the set. icon_eek.gif If there's no other choice, I'll break down and buy that when it's time to really get studying, but I'd rather have a good book to at least go alongside it.


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    lanehlaneh Member Posts: 61 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I checked ExamCram, and now it's slated for release in November!!!

    Gee, do we have to wait for a new exam to come out, before we can use this "new" exam?
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    ASUSTeKASUSTeK Member Posts: 148
    I myself, was planning on doing the server + exam. But when i saw the limited materials available for the new exam i decided to do Security +. I don't know why its taking so long for them to update their material.
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